We can arrange the following services for you:

Financial statement audit in the form of continuous audit, i.e.
before the development of the financial statement
Consolidated financial statement audit
Extraordinary financial statement audit
Other audits – e.g., property audit, receivables audit, etc.


Our usual procedure:

In the verifying process we proceed in such a way that the result of our work is not only establishment of the certain state, but the knowledge achieved helps to build internal control system and correct procedures in accounting. The verification runs, if possible, during the whole year. In continuous verification we start, if possible, after we finish the first quarter, when, in the case that we have any recommendations for you related either to the manner of accounting, possible tax problems, functionality of internal control system, document circulation, etc., there is comfortable time space also for their implementation. Subsequent verification is for a further two quarters of the year together – it depends on the requirements and an agreement. Then it is possible to evaluate and control the impact of our recommendations and possible corrections and also to turn attention to expected operations related with the conclusion of the end of the year. The result of continuous verification is a report on t    he continuous verification, and we shall provide you in writing with the findings from the continuous verification and our recommendations. The result of the verification of the financial statement is the auditor´s report and in the case of need a letter to the company management.

Based on client request we are able to arrange the auditor´s report also in the German and English languages.