About us

The ATCL, k.s. (limited partnership) is a legal person performing auditing and consulting activities pursuant to valid legislation registered in the Slovak Chamber of Auditors and it has the auditor licence number 000163. in addition to this, the company has the licence of a tax consultant number 33 and is registered in the Slovak Chamber of Tax Consultants, it is an expert organization registered in the list kept by the Ministry of Justice SR under number 900224 authorised to perform appraisal and assessment of enterprises.The general partner of the ATCL, k.s. is the ECONOMY Service, s.r.o. company, which is engaged in provision of economic services, namely bookkeeping services for the company or the development of documents related with the stated activity.

Responsible representatives of the company represent professional sponsors in the areas which are the subject of activities of the company. They have their professional skills confirmed by licences and certificates of an auditor, tax consultant, expert in the area Economics and Management (accounting and taxation), certified accountant of the highest degree – specialist, the IFRS knowledge confirmed by the licence.

We perform the activities through our own employees or by means of our contractual co-workers who represent auditors, auditor assistants and experts from the individual areas.

In light of the fact that some of our clients have parent companies abroad, we have in addition to ordinary experience also experience with the application of international treaties on avoidance of double taxation and also with the requirements for the international presentation of a financial statement. We are able to communicate in German and English languages in our work.